The Green River Trails of Central Kentucky

Green River Lake is a popular destination for boating, camping, and outdoor recreation.  It is also full of hiking and biking trails that run along the water and through the woods.  You could spend a whole week exploring the Lake and its surroundings and barely see it all.

Downtown Campbellsville is home to several urban trails that are great for walking, running or mountain biking.  Check out this trail map showing how Downtown Campbellsville and The Green River Trails connect.


Green River Trails - full trail map


Green River Trails – The Central Loop Trail

Within Downtown Campbellsville, the core route of urban trails forms a 5K/3.1 mile loop called the Central Loop Trail.  Along this trail, you’ll pass several of the city’s points-of-interest including Historic Downtown Campbellsville, Campbellsville University,  Miller Park, Health Care Park, and the Historic Homes of Lebanon Avenue and High Street.

Green River Trails - Central Loop Trail - trail map


About The Waterways of Central Kentucky

If you followed all the tributaries of the Green River, you’d eventually run into Downtown Campbellsville’s Buckhorn Creek and the Little Pitman Creek.  These creeks become the Green River and eventually flow through Mammoth Cave and onward to the Ohio River.  Green River Trails cross the tributaries of the Green River, hence the name.

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