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Downtown Campbellsville (DC) is a place to learn, earn, and live.  This is a century old city with historic structures within a registered Downtown Historic District (a historic place on the National Register).

DC has a vibrant Main Street Program which provides oversight for streetscapes and landscapes.

Downtown Campbellsville is a project to advance the economic, social, and cultural activities of merchants and downtown residents through planning and promotion.

Downtown Campbellsville - Historic Buildings
Downtown Campbellsville – Historic Buildings

The Renaissance

The renaissance started in 2008 and continues. There are several contributing factors that spurred the downtown renaissance in Campbellsville

  • New $25M Justice Center (Tower) – 2009
  • The $50M capital campaign at CU and completion of Ransdell Chapel Tower – 2007
  • Renovation of Merchant Tower (Gateway to Campbellsville) – 2008

Not only do these buildings have commercial value, they are popular for owner-occupied lofts or apartments.


Cities are defined by what happens downtown.  And, Downtown’s are the center of activity including:

  • Economic
  • Social
  • Cultural
  • Political

The same is true for Downtown Campbellsville which is the only city in the county.

Learn, Earn, Live

The “Learn, Earn, Live” campaign signifies Downtown Campbellsville’s mission to promote higher education, create jobs, and define a lifestyle.

  • Nearly 100 new jobs in retail and restaurant were added downtown in 2008-2010
  • Expanded Art & Science programs at CU include business, teaching, and nursing (enrollment 3,000+)
  • Expansion of the Taylor Regional Hospital (surgical and trauma) employing 800 people
  • An OC-96 fiber optic data line links Downtown Campbellsville to the Internet backbone thus allowing professionals to work in rural areas while still being connected at high speed

Downtown Campbellsville - Learn, Earn, Live

The triad logo above is inspired by the unique “heart” shape of the Taylor County which (not so coincidentally)  is also the geographical center of Kentucky.

Live Life

In the 100-300 block of Main Street, you’ll find several retailers and shops that cater to life’s celebrations.

  • Weddings, Receptions
  • Reunions, Anniversaries
  • Parties
  • Pageants

Eat, Dine, Shop

  • Market Off Main – A farmer’s market at the corner of Main Street and Court Street – an agritourism project by the local merchants on Main Street
  • Car Club shows – Hot rods, classic cars gather in front of a 50’s diner.
  • Motorcycle events – Drive byes, drive through

Market Off Main - Logo

Music and Entertainment

Campbellsville has a vibrant community of musicians, singers, and songwriters.

  • Music Off Main – Outdoor festival featuring singers and bands
  • Singers/Musicians play for audiences at festivals and in restaurants

Music Off Main - Logo

Art and Culture

Downtown Campbellsville is home to many artists and artisans.

  • Art Off Main – Outdoor festival and progressive gallery featuring local artisans
  • Tour local artists and photographers as they display their crafts in downtown shops and galleries
  • Actors perform for special theater events at CU’s performing arts theater

Art Off Main - Logo


Sports, Fitness and Recreation

Downtown Campbellsville stays busy with sports for athletes and fans.  Here, sports are year round.

  • College Sports – All major college sports on CU’s campus
  • Facilities – New stadiums, track & field, and lighting (university, schools, and city)
  • Gyms – YMCA facility and new ball fields are in the works
  • Green River Trails – Downtown Campbellsville is the trailhead for run, walk, and bike activities
  • Central Loop Trail – A 5K/3.1 loop runs through Main Street, historical homes, city lake, and Miller Park.

Downtown Campbellsville - Badge, Logo

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