Downtown Campbellsville  is home to Campbellsville University

Campbellsville University (CU) is thriving and has a substantial positive impact on Downtown Campbellsville (DC).

CU and DC’s relationship is vital:

  • “Higher education is good for business” – DC
  • Downtown businesses sponsor CU programs
  • CU alumni run downtown businesses
  • Downtown merchants use CU research, marketing, business, and training programs
  • CU students gain work experience with downtown internships

The new steeple of Ransdell Chapel (built 2007) is one of three towers that define the skyline of downtown.

CU Ransdell Chapel
Campbellsville University Ransdell Chapel


In 2009, CU published a report stating it’s annual economic impact was $90+ million.

Higher education is good for business.


The University’s growth and expansion through the year 2025 not only serves the student body but drive the entire community forward.

  • There was a $50 million expansion to the university in the last 3 years (business, education, nursing, and sports programs)
  • New housing dorms
  • New stadium lights for football and baseball games at night

As the University grows, it becomes increasingly significant to the identity of the city.


Campbellsville University student body exceeds 3,600. Among those, there are over 600 student-athletes. This region of the country is known for its avid sports fans.

CU Football, Sports
CU Football, Sports


The art, theater, and music programs are also thriving.

The campus is home to

  • Gallery
  • Theater
  • Music Room
  • Ransdell Chapel – Performance Hall and Pipe Organ


Each fall, you’ll find CU alumni lining the sidewalks of Main Street in Downtown Campbellsville to watch the homecoming parade. CU students paint downtown storefronts “maroon” to show team spirit during homecoming. The campus comes to life with alumni events and the annual homecoming football game.

Campbellsville University - Montgomery Library Patio - 2012



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