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There are 6 notable areas of Downtown Campbellsville

  • DC – Downtown Campbellsville Historic District
  • CU – Campbellsville University
  • HC – Health Care – Taylor Regional Hospital
  • MP – Miller Park and waterway
  • HH – Historic Homes
  • WW – Waterways

Downtown Campbellsville Local Layout Map

Additionally, the region’s Green River Lake plays a vital role in local tourism and recreation (not shown above, instead shown below in the interactive map)


  • Campbellsville is near geographic center of Kentucky at 37°20′45″N 85°20′44″W
  • Campbellsville is the northern most part of the south.
  • Campbellsville is in the Eastern Time Zone.  Just 8 miles from the Central Time Zone.
  • Campbellsville is mid-way between Chicago and Atlanta.
  • Campbellsville is in the center of Louisville-Lexington-Nashville-Knoxville.
  • Campbellsville is mid-way between I-65 and I-75. And just north of the future I-66 corridor.
  • Campbellsville has 3 scenic routes of travel via the Lincoln Parkway, Bluegrass Parkway, Cumberland Parkway


Travel Routes – Campbellsville is in the center of these 4 cities. Each route is about 90 minutes and travels along a scenic parkway.

  • LOUISVILLE KY – I-65 S Exit 91 Elizabethtown to Lincoln Parkway to Campbellsville
  • LEXINGTON KY – Take Versailles Rd to Blue Grass Parkway to 555 to 55 Lebanon to Campbellsville
  • LONDON KY – From I-75 N Exit 41 London KY to Somerset to Cumberland Parkway to Columbia to Campbellsville
  • BOWLING GREEN KY – From I-65 S Exit 43 Cumberland Parkway to Columbia to Campbellsville


Downtown Campbellsville

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