Caulk Bldg

The Caulk Building

117-119 E. Main Street, Campbellsville KY 42718

Caulk Building
Caulk Building

In the photo: The left door is address 117. The right door is address 119.

Snappy Tomato Pizza

117 East Main Street

C05-11-06, Commercial Building, TAC-15, 1885-1890 (Alterations 2009-2010)
It is Italianate in style with decorative metal and continues the design of TAC-14. It has a leaded glass transom and display windows that have a paneled effect.

The Fire Insurance Sanborn maps indicate the building has housed general stores or dry goods stores since 1886. Former tenants include T. W. Buchanan, Coakley & Durham Dry Goods (a. 1888-early 20th c.) Caulk Furniture and Caulk Appliance. Coakley & Durham later moved across the street to TAC-41.

Source: Campbellsville Local Historic Designation Report 2006 (pdf)

The interior was remodeled in 2009-2010 to make room for  a restaurant.

119 East Main Street

C05-11-06,  Commercial Building, TAC-16, 1885-1890 (Alterations 1908, 2008)

This two-story brick Italianate building was built of common bond that is six stretcher courses alternating with one header course. It repeats the design of TAC-14 and has simulated leaded glass transoms. Haskins (original owner, Creed Haskins) is written in the sidewalk in front of store.

According to the Fire Insurance Sanborn maps, the building has housed hardware since it’s beginning. The only exception is noted on the 1908 map, which indicates the building had bowling alleys. Among the hardware stores in the early-20th century was Smith and Flora Hardware.

Source: Campbellsville Local Historic Designation Report 2006 (pdf)


2008 Remodel: The exterior was repainted and new 2nd story windows were installed. The interior for address 119 was remodeled.

This building continues the design, scale and motif of one of the most attractive late 19th century buildings on Main Street.

Source/Credits: Campbellsville Local Historic Designation Report 2006

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