Buckhorn Creek Waterway Project

Save the Creek

Downtown Campbellsville – South of Main Street 400 ft – Historic District

Buckhorn Creek Waterway Project Downtown Campbellsville
Buckhorn Creek Waterway Project Downtown Campbellsville

Did you know this waterway is the south boundary of Downtown Campbellsville? Located 400 ft from Main Street, it passes by Main Street, mayor Tony Young’s office, the Campbellsville Taylor County Rescue Squad, the Historic Motor lodge. and the Ballfields of Campbellsville University. Eventually, it’s joins the waterway from City Lake’s creek near the animal shelter. It’s mostly clear and shallow. The creek banks are lined with stone, rock, masonry, concrete, and a few antique buildings and bridges. Someday, this waterway will be reclaimed and restored to it’s natural state along with green space. This is one of the hidden features seldom seen of Downtown Campbellsville.


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Downtown Campbellsville

The above picture of Campbellsville is circa 1949.  Originally in black and white, the image was colorized using Photoshop.